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Mass Times & Intentions

Saturday 15 December

6.30 pm Mass

Sunday 16 December
Third Sunday of Advent (Gaudete Sunday)

8.30 am Mass
Amy & Bill Concannon

10.00 am Mass
Martin Byrne (Anniversary)

6.00 pm Penetential Mass
Peter Bradley

Monday 17 December

10.00 am Communion Service in the Convent

Tuesday 18 December

10.00 am Mass
May Norton (Private Intention)

5.30 pm Intercessions for Priests & Religious

Wednesday 19 December

10.00 am Mass
Leon Roy (Private Intention)

Thursday 20 December

10.00 am Mass
Marie Grant

Friday 21 December

12 noon Mass
Hale Family (Private Intention)
Cordelia Okeke (1st Anniversary)

7.30 pm Portuguese Mass

Saturday 22 December

6.30 pm Mass
Deceased Leventhal Family

Sunday 23 December
Fourth Sunday of Advent

8.30 am Mass
Molly Foley

10.00 am Mass
Mick Ryan

Rosary: Half an hour before weekday Mass or Communion Service.

Confessions: Before all week-end Masses and on request.

Exposition: Saturday 5.30 pm followed by the Rosary at 5.45 pm.